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Ex Nihilo Supports the 2011 Barracks Row Garden Party

Ex Nihilo is proud to support the 2011 Barracks Row Garden Party Fundraiser. "The work that  Barracks Row Main Street does for the community is a key factor in my decision to relocate our offices here. This is a prospering commercial community and we're glad to be a part of it." says Angela Dingle, President of Ex Nihilo Management, LLC.


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Career Day at The Young Women's Leadership School (TYWLS)

Angela Dingle, President and CEO joined other women business owners in Harlem, New York for this year's Cool Women Hot Jobs Career Day. The day included classroom discussions as well as a career fair. "This is a great opportunity to help young women understand their career possibilities" said Angela Dingle.

Ex Nihilo Donates Musical Instruments

Ex Nihilo Donates Musical Instruments to Truesdell Elementary


At the start of the school year Michael Taylor, the music teacher at Truesdell Elementary School, made a commitment to have a fully equipped school band. By January 2007, he had just about everything he needed - except for one thing. The school didn't have any recorders, so Ex Nihilo donated them. The recorder is one of the introductory wind instruments and children throughout the United States learn to play them in elementary school. Mr. Taylor wanted to have all the instruments and the band organized in time for Music in Our Schools Month, which was held in March 2007.  Angela Dingle said "We are proud to be part of Truesdell's success and congratulate Mr. Taylor for making Truesdell the first school in the nation's capital to adapt the Keys to Achievement Program".

Searching For Excellence

Consulting Firm Supports Local Public High School Athletes.

December 6, 2004 -  Washington, DC - Ex Nihilo Management, LLC, a minority owned and operated business, announced today that it has agreed to sponsor a local public high school athletic team.  In addition to providing financial support, Ex Nihilo plans to provide the team with tutoring, athletic apparel and training equipment.