The Name

"Ex Nihilo " is a Latin word that means out of nothing. It is sometimes used in a biblical context like when God created the world out of nothing (e.g.,  "creatio ex nihilo").  When my business partner and I started the company we had very little startup funds, but a lot of enthusiasm and a whole lot of faith that we'd be able to create something out of nothing. As the saying goes...the rest is history.

Several years later while visiting an art gallery in Hawaii, I discovered a sculpture titled "Ex Nihilo Out of Nothingness" and was determined to find out who created it. I learned that the sculpture was created by Frederick Hart (1954-1999), an artist that had been commissioned to design a series of "Creation" sculptures to adorn the main facade of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.   The central tympanum is entitled Ex Nihilo Out of Nothingness and can be viewed from street level as you approach the National Cathedral on Connecticut Avenue. The next time you're in DC, check out the sculpture, drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

Angela Dingle, President & CEO