Project Management - Continuity of Operations


A major renovation of several buildings was required to support the client’s mission with reliable, flexible and efficient infrastructure and workspaces, and to comply with current standards for safety and accessibility.  The renovations required the client to vacate and renovate large amounts of space in a “leap-frog” fashion in order to allow demolition and replacement.


Ex Nihilo developed the plan for support of the client environment and coordinating the resources during the renovation.  Our strategy was to meet with representatives from nine support organizations to discuss client requirements, implementation and support issues.  Ex Nihilo was responsible for ensuring continuity of operations and resource availability for the following:

Maintenance of Applications Software, to include the analysis, design, modification and testing of software components such as graphical user interface screens, database structures, code, parameters, application security and user profiles.

Day-to-Day Operations, to include the monitoring, notification and management of production environments for such issues as availability, connectivity, performance, utilization, etc.

Backups, to include the development and maintenance of schedules, the execution of regular and periodic backups, restoration of critical data, data structures and application software components, establishment and implementation of procedures for storage of historic information.

Operating System Upgrades, to include the installation, configuration and testing of manufacturer suggested system upgrades, such as maintenance releases, patches and fixes, in the production environment.

Software Installation & Upgrades, to include the installation, configuration and testing of software components (i.e., compilers, editors, database management systems (DBMS), portals, etc.) in the production environment.

Configuration Management, to include the identification, control and tracking of changes.


Ex Nihilo managed the requirements for over 50 systems and coordinated the acquisition of over $3 million worth of hardware and software. Ex Nihilo developed a project-planning template that outlined the recommended set of detailed tasks, milestones, deliverables and resources for each new client move thereby reducing the learning curve and increasing the efficiency of the engineers.  Successfully completed the implementation of technology to support the move of over 200 personnel, 3 labs, 15 enterprise servers and 3 major systems.